Elements of the EntCoM project will be implemented in 7 Work Packages that as follows:

WP 1 : Project management (including budget control) – provided by Italian partner LegaCoop Puglia

Establishes efficient and professional project management and coordination to achive project objectives and ensure their fulfillment.

WP 2 : Mapping and Surveying – provided by Sarıkamış Governorship, Turkey with support from LegaCoop Puglia

This activities are associated to a research and survey programmes in order to achieve the results indicated hereafter thus preparing ground for the implementation of the pilot testing phase. Mapping of good practices, examination with questionnaires (survey) and comparative studies refers on the one hand to the comparison of current local needs in rural areas; and, on the other hand, to mapping and scoping of good practices.

WP 3: Monitoring, Evaluating and Quality Assurance – provided by Latconsul SIA – Latvia

The project in hand will be monitored and evaluated with a set of tools and assigned staffs described in the “Project Reliability Output and Quality Assessment” (PROQUAL) guide, embedded in the monitoring, evaluation and quality assurance handbook. Assessments for quality purposes will be processed with questionnaires and feedback templates, considering three specific methodologies: general assessment, self-assessment and external evaluation (non decision-making person).

WP 4: Pilot training course – provided by TFEI, UK

This activity is associated to the implementation of the pilot testing phase in order to achieve the results indicated in the intellectual outputs field. Considering non formal and informal learning methods, with residential and e-learning activities, the training course is comprised of multiple modules and units aiming at providing the acquisition or enhancement of the anticipated competences for entrepreneurs, practitioners and project selected stakeholders.

WP 5: ECVET guidelines and tool kit- provided by TOJAS INVESTIMENTOS, Portugal

This activity will provide the conception, development and production of 5 tool kits aiming at organizing learning activities and mobilities within the referred framework, using key feature elements such as the Memorandum of Understanding, learning mobility units and outcomes, etc.

WP 6: Exploitation – provided by E.N.T.E.R. Austria

The key activities that will ensure the use of the current project outcomes will be the preparation of activities and events organized by the present consortium and target groups, inviting more and more new participants from the targeted stakeholders’ sphere. In that way, this activity aim at making possible for a larger and larger number of people to use the referred results in a practical way, an efficient method to evaluate, validate and promote the mentioned outcomes.

WP 7: Dissemination – provided by Komunikujeme o.p.s from Czech Republic

The main aim of this activity is to disseminate the results of the project in hand and facilitate a dialogue, a learning experience among stakeholders on policy and practice on the topic in hand. It encompasses the design and implementation of the dissemination plan, aiming at: – regularly sending information about the development and results of the project; – giving targeted stakeholders, EU project groups and consortia, the opportunity to exchange know-how and use the project outcomes.