There is a link to the final output of the project:

TFEI has organized the multiplier event in London

London, UK, 10th June 2016

The details are on this website.

EntCom 3rd transnational meeting

Prague, Czech Republic , 14th-15th January 2016

Once again and for the 3rd time, partners of the EntCom project gathered to fulfill tasks and discuss further steps.

The meeting was hosted by the Czech partner KOMUNIKUJEME o.p.s. in Prague, CZ.

Prg meeting foto              Prg meeting foto 1



The Consortium welcomed the Turkish partner representatives from Sarimakis Municipality and district.

The general theme of the meeting was the overall preparation of the transnational training (TT) in Selva di Fesano (Italy) from 1st to 5th February 2016 where 10 participants of 7 EU countries will have the possibility to learn on how to become a CCF. Partners of the EntCom project have developed a unique “self-directed” learning programme that will enable interested individuals to become “Community Cooperative Facilitators – CCFs”. CCFs will be able to support people in rural communities to form themselves into “cooperatives” with the aim of solving local issue in a practical and entrepreneurial way.


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All partners discussed logistics related with the TT and a more specific basis of the pilot testing programme was presented by Paul Quantock (TFEI).

TFEI introduced the global framework the key elements of the training course and also presented supporting documentation and methodology for the integration of each module, in the manual.

The consortium agreed to use a PDF format of the final training course that would be very suitable to make available contents that would be easy to download, as well a creation of a CD Rom was suggested to make it easier for people or area with no internet access.

Pilot testing to be completed by the end of March and then a final version of the training course will be finalised and presented.

The consortium pointed out the Multiplier Event that should be organized in each partner´s country by end June 2016. This theme to be more developed during next transnational meeting in Lisbon, Portugal 7th – 8th April 2016.




 ENTCOM – Entrepreneurship and Community Cooperatives

EntCom Transnational Training course

Transnational Training for Community Cooperative Facilitator (CCF)

1-5 February 2016, Selva di Fasano (BR) – Italy


Why Community Cooperative Facilitators?  

 Often in small towns and rural areas some useful services to the community are not provided, because the resources of the government are not enough to ensure its management. Even private resources are scarce, and so often rural areas do not have the services for children or for the elderly. Often, due to lack of resources, common goods are not well managed, such as green spaces or old abandoned buildings.

Community Cooperatives are organizational and management models that encourage the participation of all citizens as “active members” of their community. Citizens can manage public spaces or community facilities putting together and organizing themselves.

The model of cooperative community is providing answers to the needs of small rural areas in many parts of Europe. The project intends to support Entcom training facilitators who can in turn support people and communities in the design and development of a common project community development.


Who is this training for?

You can apply if you are:

  • A trainer from training center or NGO;
  • A local policy maker interested in community development;
  • A youth worker, an activist in associations of young citizen who want to work for new job opportunities in his local area.


Aims and objectives

The Training Course is recommended to individuals who are interested in supporting people in rural communities to self-organize, to form themselves into “cooperatives” or associations with the aim of solving a practical local issue and providing local broadband when the service providers can’t manage that services. Training focus on skill topics that CCF need to use in working with other people in their communities to help them on implementing their local community project.

Community Cooperative Facilitators promote community cooperative in their rural area and support other people in analyzing their communities needs, identifying a project and operating for its effective implementation.

After transnational training, participants will complete the training with the e-learning course, they will provide feedbacks, evaluations and recommendations, participating to the work for the EntCom final training course, the main output of EntCom Project. CCF will be multipliers and, after transnational training, they will provide possible participants for a national “pilot test” of part of the whole training.


Contents and methods

The modules that make up the training course will include a variety of activities to realize and develop appropriate competencies to be a Community Cooperative Facilitator. CCF will be supported in learning, through formal and informal methods, how to help individuals and groups in: identifying their community project, using a cooperative model or a similar model, implementing the project, evaluating the state-of-art, developing communication and marketing techniques, and caring effective financial and human resources management.

Training will be practical and effective, with the use of formal, informal and non-formal methods. During the training, participants will share experiences and local specifities, will meet local community cooperators and experience places in which community cooperatives are developing. They will be in touch with the local best practices and the lesson learned and challenges of local cooperators and local facilitators that are supporting them.



  • Travel costs covered by EntCom project up to € 275,00;
  • Accomodation costs covered by EntCom project up to € 55,00 per day (for the accommodation solution read the next paragraph).


Date and venue

The activity will take place in Tenuta Monacelle in Selva di Fasano, in the south of Italy, ( on 1-5 February 2016.

The participants are expected to arrive on the 1st of February 2015 by 14 pm. Departures should be planned on 5th of February, after 12 am.

Participants can fly to Bari Palese Airport. Organization will arrange, how i tis possible, transfers from Airport to Tenuta Monacelle and return, in the days of 1st and 5th of February.

Participants accomodations are located in Tenuta Monacelle too, in suggestive setting.

Tenuta Monacelle is a tipical estate, that looks like a village, for the stone, the stone walls, the red geraniums, the pinnacles of the tipical trulli, the natural flavors.

Among the Valle d’Itria olive trees, close to the Adriatic Sea, in every corner of the estate i tis possible to see and taste the flavours of Apulia

The entire estate can be covered by foot.

Participants will be assigned to single or double rooms, depending on availability.

In Tenuta Monacelle, included in the project fee of € 55,00 per day, participants can have:

  • accomodation in single or double rooms,
  • breackfast,
  • 1 coffee break,
  • light lunch,
  • dinner.
  • It is necessary to ask before the arrival for any needs of special meals (vegetarians, vegans or in case of food intolerances).





 IMG_0693                                   IMG_0891



Number of participants and eligible countries

The training will gather 70 participants who are committed to participate actively to the transnational training and pilot test. Eligible countries are Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, U.K., Turkey.


Working language: English



 The project “Entrepreneurship and Community cooperatives” (EntCoM) aims at fostering active citizenship and entrepreneurship (considering social entrepreneurship) in small or remote areas.

The project has three clear activities:

  1. the development and consolidation of entrepreneurial competences (knowledge, skills and attitude) in order to structure entrepreneurial initiatives under the specific framework of “community cooperatives”;
  2. Foster learning mobilities at EU level to answer local needs;
  3. contribute to the recognition and validation of such entrepreneurial competences under the ECVET, ESCO and EUROPASS framework.

To read more:


How to apply:

If you are interested in attend the training course and you come from one of the eligible countries, please contact, and eventually send the application form filled in, up to 7th of January to:

Austria: E.N.T.E.R. GMBH –

Czech Republic: Komunikujeme o.p.s. – /

Italy: Legacoop Puglia –

Portugal: Tojas Investimentos –

U.K.: TFEI –

Turkey: Sarikamis Kaymakamligi – 


Download the Application Form here:

EntCom-WP4 – Application Form


Download the Transnational Training Infopack:

EntCom-WP4 – Infopack_Transnational_Training_ok





EntCom 2nd transnational meeting

Riga, Latvia , 15th-16th of September 2015


EntCom second transnational meeting took place in the beautiful capital of Latvia, Riga.

The meeting was hosted in LatConsul Training center.

In a very friendly atmosphere, the consortium welcomed among itself the new partner (TFEI) from the UK, after substitution of Uk partners was approved by the Italian NA.

Instead of Accenturate, the Foundation for European Iniciatives (TFEI) is now officially mumber of the consortium.

During the meeting, different tasks were debated, dissemination tools were among them as well as the most important task which is EntCom final training course.

At first, Mr. Paul Quantock (TFEI) introduced to all partners the preparatory works for Pilot Training where it was necessary to define the curriculum.

All partners confirmed that there will be a Transnational Training Course (TTC), then a Pilot phase will be established thanks to feedbacks and remarks made by attendees.

Suggestions were made and a decision to make a teaser for the Transnational Training Course, which will take place in Italy, was approved as well as a definition for attendees. All partners agreed on using the term “Community Cooperative Facilitator” as the term for attendees and multipliers.

The consortium debates on the distribution of each training modul among the partners and still further assignments will be discussed.

Next meeting will be in Prague 14th-15h of January 2016


EntCom 1st transnational meeting

Bari, Italy , 24th-26th of February 2015


The 1st transnational meeting took place in Bari/ Italy, and the project EntCom was officially opened.

The meeting was hosted in Legacoop Head office and began with the presentaion of all 7 partnes engaged in the project, which are patners from Italy, Austia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Portugal, Turkey and UK.

After partner´s presentations, the meeting was oriented to define specific partners tasks concerning work plan, partners roles and responsabilities. An online internal platform was confirmed by all partners as well.

The consortium agreed on the content of supporting documents to be implemented in WP2 Mapping and Surveying. These are:

– a definition of template of general Framework at national level

– a definition of a template of 5 best prectices

a definition of different forms of questionnaires to idetified target group

– an implementation of an online tool to collect questionnaires.

All partners will work on:

– the validation of the templates and forms

– the implementaion of research activities

– modification and validation of curriculum

On the second day of the meeting, WP 1 Project management annouced that the 2 nd transnational meeting will be held in Riga / Latvia.

Financial Management was debated as presentation of general conditions, detailed costs and checking of provisional budget.

At the end of the session, partners commented Entcom logo poposal provided by CZ.

CZ had also presentated the vision, strategy, target groups, tools and activities for implementation of dissemination activities al local and at European level.

Partners learned that IT will organize the transnstional taining on December 2015

In conclusion, partners agreed that it is crucial to principally focus on Mapping and Surveying WP to define content and needs of the Curriculum to be implemented in the next Training WP.

After the implementation of the Mapping and Surveying the curriculum (according to the Ecvet Framework) will be designed and the pilot test will be created.