LegaCoop Puglia (Lega Regionale delle Cooperative e Mutue) – Italy

Legacoop is an association recognized by Decree of the Ministry of Labour and represented at the CNEL, which works for the promotion of co-operation and mutuality. It has functions of representation, assistance and protection of the associated cooperative bodies; it works throughout the region, to promote the development of cooperation and mutual aid and the relationships between members of the cooperatives, and to facilitate the dissemination of the principles and values of the cooperative. Furthermore , it is proposed to:

– encouraging the development of associated bodies and their economic relations and solidarity

– to represent cooperative enterprises , encouraging the development and urging the adoption by the   State and competent bodies to take appropriate measures in relation to the social function recognized by the Constitution

– Develop , promote and support appropriate , legislative reforms ; intervening in all instances of the European Union, the State, the Regions and Local Authorities , in which indent matters concerning the cooperation , designating their representatives

– to promote , coordinate and develop the activities of study, research and cooperative education

– exercise on institutions and mutual cooperative members, either directly or through delegation of functions to structures territorial review functions conferred by law, and to perform all other functions conferred by laws, regulations and acts of public authorities

– enter into contracts and collective bargaining agreements



TOJAS INVESTIMENTOS was established for the following objectives:

– to promote quality and innovation in the field of construction and building, sustainable development and social entrepreneurship and, considering non-formal and informal learning methods, disruptive management and strategy models applicable to SMEs;

– to promote and foster lifelong learning within an EU dimension considering the strategy, policy and agenda of the European Commission regarding vocational education and training (VET) within current working groups such as CEDEFOP’s community “Credit Transfer in VET”, “Non formal and Informal learning”, “Skillsnet”, or such as the European ECVET network;

– to act as intermediary organization as well as hosting partner in learning mobilities activities within VET frameworks and at EU levels such as EQF, ECVET, EQAVET, ECTS, EUROPASS, European Skills Panorama, and is active in this field since October 2011 in a variety of platforms such as EURO Apprenticeship.

Our main aim is to enhance employability and internationalization through challenging learning programmes, innovative business models and strong international cooperation, encouraging and supporting the concept of competence capitalization between generations of workers. Our core activities cover:

  1. a) design and implementation of training courses;
  2. b) effective work placements, apprenticeship and internships;
  3. c) inclusive networking with the world of work such as business associations, public, semi-public and private employment institutions, chambers of commerce and craft, and social partners;
  4. d) observatory of best practices on sustainable development policies oriented to labor market demand;
  5. e) research into the transfer of innovation and recommendations in the creation of such policies;
  6. f) diffusion at the broadest EU level of effective best practices, case studies and strategies validated.

Latconsul SIA – Latvia

Within 10 years since establishment in 2003, Latconsul Ltd. has become a stable and cognate company in the adult education sphere in Latvia. Specific areas of expertise

– Thematic trainings for individuals, trainers, SMEs, municipalities and state institutions, and corporate clients,

– Develop innovative pedagogical concepts and learning environments, – Implement innovative learning settings, pedagogical-didactical approaches for learning with digital media,

– Formative evaluation, provide input to project implementation and product development, Quality Assurance,

– Thematic areas: AE and VET, innovation and knowledge management, HRM, learning for social integration, foreign language and intercultural competences for cooperation.

Latconsul organizes language trainings, seminars on finance management, provides business consultations on validation evaluation and quality assurance and corporative training. The company has trained more than 12 000 Latvian trainers, entrepreneurs, managers and employees. LatConsul provides various educational activities, such as:

  • language trainings,
  • training for trainers,
  • project management and accountancy courses,
  • time management and planning,
  • fostering creativity and innovation,
  • training for office managers,
  • labour protection specialist courses, fire safety courses.

Among accredited training courses offered by Latconsul Ltd., language training has become the one of core daily activities of the LatConsul. LatConsul provides language training on different levels and engaging different teaching methods on English, German, French, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, French, Russian, Spanish, and Italian and now we are developing a new training course on teaching Chinese.



E.N.T.E.R. was founded to server four main purposes:

– to support EU strategies through the dissemination and exploitation of project results funded by European programmes for the benefit of all European citizens.

– to offer EU project coordinators the opportunity to disseminate information about their projects and their results to a broad community of interested organisations and bodies.

– to give European citizens and organisations the opportunity to regularly receive information about developments and results in the EU project community.

– to give interested organisations the opportunity to find EU project groups and consortia for exchanging know-how and developing innovative project ideas.

Additionally to the services of the network, E.N.T.E.R. also acts proactively as project promoter, project partner and expert to foster dissemination and exploitation standards within the EU. At the moment the network has more than 700 member organisations from 35 different countries. Furthermore, the E.N.T.E.R. board is supported by a European advisory board representing different organisations and different nationalities.


KOMUNIKUJEME o.p.s. – Czech Republic

Komunikujeme o.p.s. is a Non-Governmental Organization that established and operating in Czech Republic. The motto of our organization is “Throughout communication to cooperation” and main objective “To proceed better climate in society, that evolves in European level and Euro-citizenship”. It means that thanks the dealing we can change something in our society and environment we live in. The aim of our organization is improve environment, health, social and healthcare, cultural and humanitarian issues. Our aims are:

– offer to other organizations and carry out activities concerning education, cultural, environmental, employment and social activities, sport and project and professional activities.

– support in the area of the improvement of cultural climate, mainly the organization of exhibitions and cultural events, our aims are also works of art or projects focused on culture, or assistance in the realization of such works of art or projects.

We try to organize congresses, workshops and seminars, provide non-formal, formal and informal teaching and education, valuable and active spending of free time by children, the youth, adults and seniors, motivate and support youth initiatives. And through this activities develop skills, knowledge and abilities of children, the youth, adults and seniors, and realize projects, which concern these elements. We endeavour to provide execution and cooperation within the realization of European Union projects, as well as global projects, specifically in all areas supported by the European Union and areas globally supported, including advisory activities and consultancy during the preparation of such projects.


Sarikamis Kaymakamligi – Turkey

Sarıkamış District Governorship is 65 km away from the city centre Kars and is located in the rural district which is famous for its ski center, obsidian stone, martyrdom, goose and cheese. Sarıkamış Governorship is the top public body which is responsible for the administration of the district and represents the government in the district. Sarıkamış District Governorship supports the social integration of people by encouraging their involvement in the social, cultural and economic life. We provide training and education related to social issues and civic integration for people. We also organize cultural exchange, educational programs and community events. Through our programs and projects, we help to develop local communities in which people are recognized as being an integral part of the society, and as such, are invited to contribute to the growth of our community. Our institution has contribution in enhancing the quality of education in its area and especially providing people with all support they need. As we believe in the capacities of people to make a real change, we seek constantly to involve them in this process of social development as well as the growth of their community. The second field of action is regarding activities designed to empower people worldwide, it means that we try through the national and international events that it organizes or in which takes part to provide people with new skills and knowledge that allow them to develop their personality as well as to enhance their professional carrier. These seminars and internships prepare them to a common and developing world in which people are invited to be the leaders and the one who are able to make the right decisions at the right moments in order to profit their community as well as their international one. The final field of activities is related to the intercultural learning process aiming to develop a global community in where every people share its values and experiences with the other and in same time learn from the cultural characteristics and behavioral patterns that distinguished people on the five continents. Our organisation aims to make the people gain a new vision and to improve their creativity for the future, develop projects, conduct team works, leadership and dream world.


The Foundation for European Initiatives (TFEI) – UK

The Foundation for European Initiatives (TFEI) is a not-for-profit organisation established in 1998. We offer numerous services from surveys/questionnaires through to training course development. TFEI itself also has a keen interest in the building of interactive e-learning multimedia courses for various disadvantaged groups, including mediation/antibullying courses (some of which have been previously funded by the EU). The Foundation also manages the on-line Schools AntiBullying Web Gateway (http://www.schoolsantibullying.com).

TFEI receives financial support from sales of its training courses, donations from companies, grants from government/EU agencies and project development and management “consultancy” with NGOs. http://www.tfei.org.uk.

TFEI also manages and operates The Foundation for Entrepreneurial Participation whose major objective is to develop and implement a support infrastructure to assist entrepreneurs to develop, innovate and partner with other enterprises. http://www.tfep.info

TFEI has experience of building off-line and on-line interactive multimedia courses for various sectors, including those disadvantaged in society such as the disabled and the unemployed. We have undertaken projects for people with learning difficulties, people with mental health problems, the deaf and young people ”not in education or training” to support their non- formal education. TFEI also delivers face-to-face training programmes.